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Events Calendar

2018 Fall Banquet

You are invited to our 2nd Annual Fall Banquet at St. Mary’s Family Life Center in Charlotte on Thursday, October 18th.  Kicking off the evening at 6:00pm with a short time for networking followed at 6:30pm with a delicious dinner that will be accompanied by music provided by The Don Sovey Quintet.  The program is intended to finish by 8:00pm and will include a brief presentation about the work of Crosswalk by the executive director Rick Todd and some personal heartfelt stories from youth who have been served by the center.

Crosswalk was founded in 2012 and has offered to the youth of the Charlotte area programming in art and music and given them a safe place to meet friends, learn new things and acquire new skills.  The art classes have provided instruction in acrylic painting, pottery, photography, and mixed media arts.  Culinary arts and business classes have demonstrated life skills necessary for the youth to possess as they establish their life path. Daily tutoring is offered to the teens for their junior and senior high academics. In the spring of 2018 the Teen Apprentice program was introduced to teach skills needed to get and keep a job, with the placement of 8 teens in jobs during the first session. Crosswalk believes in empowering teens to become community minded, prepared for the future, and making positive life choices. 

The Fall Banquet intends to raise awareness and support for this work for our young people of Charlotte and the nearby surrounding area.



During non-teen hours Crosswalk will be offering two Quest Camps for students entering 5th-7th grades.  Each camp will be held from 9:00am – 12:00pm and run Monday - Wednesday for 2 consecutive weeks, a 6 day experience where students get excited about creating and making within the Quest Camp topics.

Art Quest CampJuly 17-19, 24-26, will focus on drawing, painting, clay handwork, clay pottery wheel, photography, and mixed media art.  Our goal is to introduce new art media and techniques that the students can explore and develop.  The class will culminate with a gallery event in the evening of Wednesday, the last day of camp, open to parents and the public.

Tech Quest CampJuly 31-August 2, 7-9, will focus on exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities, focusing on how things work and what can be created.  Teams will work together to explore a project problem and then design a solution to the problem.  We will explore electrical circuits, elementary electronics, light (LED) circuits, 3-D design, and mechanical motion. The class will culminate in a presentation of the student’s project in a showcase that will be open to parents and the public on the Wednesday evening of the last day of camp.

Both of these Quest Camps focus on making and are designed to encourage students to develop their own ideas, to experiment, and to innovate.  Crosswalk has four goals in these sessions: 1. Get students to identify themselves as creators or makers. 2. Develop confidence in creative expression. 3. Acquire technical tools/skills. 4. Learn to collaborate and network with other to reach the project solution.  While many focus on the measurable skills of math and engineering and fail to realize that similar processes are used in the creation of the fine arts, we approach both STEM and the arts with the same 4 goals.

Interested students should register by clicking the link above.  The Quest Camp cost $15.00 and include a snack and t-shirt.  Space is limited.  If you have any questions, contact Rick Todd at either (248) 987-8336 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..